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Botox at Graystone Aesthetic Center

Botox® Cosmetic at Graystone Aesthetic Center

After years of squinting, laughing, frowning, smoking, and worrying, the skin around the eyes and on the forehead will often develop deep lines and wrinkles. These can often make a person look older, tired and stressed.

Utilizing the FDA approved muscle-relaxing agent Botox® Cosmetic, expression lines can be significantly reduced. Botox® Cosmetic prevents the muscles in the face from contracting allowing the muscle to relax and the skin to become smooth.

loyaltyThe initial effects are visible within 5-7 days and results usually last 3 to 4 months. Botox® Cosmetic can offer extended relief over the course of long-term treatment to correct the visible signs of stress and aging. Treatment is effective, safe, and requires no downtime.

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Roderick N. Hargrove, MD, FACS, personally administers all cosmetic injections, including Botox® Cosmetic. For more detailed information, or to schedule an injection with Dr. Hargrove, call 828-304-6656.

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