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Graystone Aesthetic Center Patient Testimonials

“The idea of facial surgery was one I had contemplated and researched carefully . . . ”

“There were meetings with many plastics surgeons in my journey to find the one that understood my needs. I was apprehensive with many unanswered questions. Perseverance directed me to Dr. Hargrove’s magic. He listened and addressed my concerns in a professional and understanding manner. He guided me to choices that addressed my anxieties even when I did not know how to voice them. “

“My results were far more than I had ever dared to dream. I felt as if time had moved backwards. Dr. Hargrove is a consummate artist and a highly skilled technician who delivers perfection. My visible results are amazing as I look refreshed and younger. Moreover, I feel rejuvenated, my self-confidence grew and I am eager to step outside my comfort level. My experience with Dr. Hargrove and his caring staff has been captivating and sheer MAGIC! I will use Dr. Hargrove’s services again and highly recommend Graystone Aesthetics to all males and females considering aesthetic services.” –– Pat M.

“My experience at Graystone Aesthetic Center is ongoing . . . “

With the services offered, I have been able to address some signs of aging that were keeping me from looking as great as I feel. Dr. Hargrove is truly gifted with his medicinal techniques. I can say he and his staff have a certain graceful approach to their individual services. I will return again and again. You are young as you feel; why not look it too!” –– J.R.

“I was recently recommended to use the Obagi® line by the staff at Graystone Aesthetic Center . . . “

“Since I have been using the full system, I have noticed a change in my skin tone. My skin tone is more even and my makeup goes on much smoother. I have also been using Latisse® to grow fuller, thicker lashes.” –– Cathy C.