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The FDA approved Precision Tx™ is an exciting new laser technology by Cynosure® to treat the neck and face. This laser treats any excess fat, particularly in the neck, while also providing tightening to the skin and the deep tissue of the face resulting in rejuvenation of the lower face, jowls, and neck.

It has been well known that providing heat to tissues can cause collagen shrinkage and tightening along with stimulation of collagen production that thickens skin to yield a more youthful appearance. The problem has been to get the right amount of heat to accomplish the task while not applying too much heat that could cause injury. Unlike many technologies that apply radiofrequency energy, infrared light, or ultrasound energy to provide the heat, this laser technology is used with a temperature control system called ThermaGuide. Precision Tx™ provides real-time temperature control to the tissues, leading to a more reliable result and providing unprecedented safety.


This procedure is not for everyone. Significant laxity can only be properly treated with more traditional surgical techniques. Surgery may also provide a longer lasting result. However, for those people with who have a modest amount of neck or face aging, or simply refuse to undergo surgery, Precision Tx™ could be the answer.